The football player is wrong! Percy pointed out that Man U should not blame Moy alone.

15 May

Robin Van Percy said David Moyes is not the only one who should be cursed because of Manchester United's poor performance in the 2013-14 season 

because the players themselves played poorly. Very much as well as being shocked when Sir Alex Ferguson retired from the team.

Robin van Persie, former Dutch star striker Said it shouldn't be blamed on David Moyes alone for Manchester United's disappointing performance in the 2013-14 season.

Manchester United made a big change after winning the Premier League in the 2012-13 season as Sir Alex Ferguson retired from the team, with Moyes 

taking over from him. But the team led to poor performance until finally being released since the end of the 2013-14 season, and in the past, many people

tend to blame Moyes as the cause of "Red Devils" playing badly in C. That season

Van Persie said, "We really had a problem with that season. Because in the end, we have to finish the season with being No. 7. At first, we think about

winning the Champions League and moving forward. After that, just before doing a great job But that season is considered a new season for the team as

Colossi has just hung his stud again and Giggs is taking on the role of a football coach. Everything is completely new. "

"Moyes is not someone who deserves to be cursed. Anyone who comes to get the job from Ferguson has to work hard. It shouldn't just be blamed  on him. We also have a fault. Before that, our standards were very high. But then it dropped. "

The former celebrity admitted to being shocked when Ferguson retired from stubborn control of the team. "It was a little shocking before I signed 

with the team. I held the pen in place and asked him if - Also, Sir Alex. How long are you planning to stay in the team? - And he responds that - At  least 3 more years - but honestly The reason he quit the team is because of the family. And the family must come first. "

"He is one of the main reasons I moved to play there, so it (the Ferguson said goodbye to the team) is very damaging to me. But football  is like this Football players can always leave the team. And the team manager is like that too He worked with the team for 26 years and built a club very well. But life is like that. "

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